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Largest collection of breath taking designer arabian dresses. All dresses are hand made in Pakistan for your measurements. With over 30 years of experience DressArabia have the finest stiching and embroidery staff who is expert in designing quality Kaftan, jilbab, Abayas and other Arabian Dresse.


Kaftaans have proved to be a new trend setter in Pakistani fashion in recent years. Modern day kaftaan depicts the old islamic traditions and culture and its designers are inspired from the old era. It.s an easy to carry attire stylized to give a very modern look to one who wears. Traditional kaftaans come in full length style with full sleeves. However a modernized look of kaftaan comes in short length with short length sleeves. Kaftaans are designed in both printed and plain chiffons or georgettes and are decorated with embellishments of embroidery and ornamentation. Even being a traditional design,they have become a fashion element in Pakistan and therefore are being worn in every occasion depending upon what style and fabric suits the occasion.


Jibab is a long lose stylish attire designed to fulfil the desire of an islamic women to look trendy and stylish. It covers the entire body in an extremely elegant way fulfilling the islamic norms . Jilbabs comes in a large variety of colours,designs and fabrics so one can choose within a large variety. Trends have changed with the passage of time and designers have adopted different cuts and designs to make these jilbabs look more appealing and attracive to women. Different embroidery patterns and work motifs are embellished on jilbabs making them suitable for different occasions. To look impressive and attractive the right type of colour,fabric,design and cuts should be considered when buying a jilbab.


Abayas are a long gown styled outfit worn by muslim women that reflect simplicity and modesty. It serves the purpose of covering the body according to norms of islam. Changes in fashion with time have also affected the abaya fashion,however it still serves its purpose. Designers have added a variety of colors,designs and fabrics to abbayas that now makes a lot of women comfortable in using this attire for many occasions. Changes in designs have made it possible for women of all ages to use them in any color,fabric or design depending upon what suits their age.